Image of Strawberry Fields sandwich

Old Key West

Remember that trip your family took to Key West when you were a kid? Yeah, so do we. And one of the main things we remember is the frozen chocolate covered key lime pie on a stick. We’ve taken this tourist favorite and made it into a sandwich using key lime jelly, our hand made chocolate almond butter, marshmallow fluff, and graham cracker crumbs on our exclusive Mazzaro’s bread. It’s how sunset and Mallory Square would taste.

It’s Fall Y’all

Nothing says fall like a pb&j that reminds you of years past. Try pumpkin walnut butter matched with apple cider jam, then top it with marshmallow fluff, sliced apples, and rice crispy cereal. It’s like a crackling fire in your mouth, without all that burning your mouth nonsense.

The Exchange Student

Flavors from the other side of the world travel here to become a part of our culture. It’s a pb&j reminiscent of Chinese mid-autumn festivals where banners fly overhead of dancers swirling to ancient songs. Hoisin peanut butter and ginger preserves are topped with crunchy green onions, aromatic cilantro and the texture of crushed peanuts with just a taste of teriyaki.

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